About Us

We have been actively working in the market with some of our key customers to develop a suite of applications targeted to deliver value and address business challenges on a day to day environment. 

We have introduced our suite of applications starting with ONESME™ integrated with Google Applications for Work since 2010, in the recent years we have added to this suite our Occupational Health and Safety and incident management systems (CAMS™) to meet the increasing demand to be compliant with government regulations. In recent years we have extended our Workforce Planner™ incorporate biometrics and knowledge management.

Our adventure into cloud computing has resulted in creating a platform as a service product called Cloudshed™ an cloud orchestration and deployment tool designed to help organisations adopt public and private cloud infrastructure with minimal complexity. Our products are commercially ready and have been generating revenue for a number of years.

Our intent is to replicate the success we have been able to impart on our customers to other organisations to become competitive in the markets they are operating in.